Rusted and corroded steel is a potentially catastrophic danger! In the 

    majority of the cases, the corrosion evident above ground, is 

    intensified below ground, and out of site, and on the critical base of 

    the structures support.

    AD Construction have faced many corroded structures, and have been 

    shocked countless times at how rust and corrosion can eat through 

    structural steel, turning it into nothing more than cardboard.

    Rusted steel needs to be taken very seriously, and should only be 

    trusted by experienced steel workers. Temporary bracing and propping is 

    a must, and AD Construction take all necessary safety precautions to 

    protect your assets.

    Treatment and repair options are varied, and we will work with you to 

    develop a plan that suits your budget and expectations.

    Use a contractor you know you can trust!