New roofs, old roofs and everything in between.

    Leaking roofs can be one of the most frustrating problems any property 

    owner could face. Often, leaks can be extremely difficult to find, and 

    we hear of multiple contractors being called back to "fix the leak 


    AD Construction have fixed leaks from shopping centres, schools, 

    warehouses, industrial complexes, and residential properties. There are 

    many methods of repairing the issue, and the key is to give you, the 

    client repair options. We take before and after photos, and we will 

    never hide behind "out of sight, out mind" philosophy like some "roof 

    repair" companies.

    Gutters and downpipes are usually a very simple easy task for 

    experienced roofing contractors. Replacing old, damaged or leaking 

    gutters is a very cost effective way to improve the look and 

    functionality of your house or business.